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Wine Wednesday Forefront Pinot Gris

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

It’s been a winter filled with red wine and I just wanted a glass of cool, crisp and refreshing white to go with the broccoli and cauliflower soup that I made earlier this week. Spicy flavors and a nice white like pinot gris go so well together.

This Pinot Gris is from the Willamette Valley in Oregon and was exactly what I was craving. As cabin fever is setting in a bit I was picturing myself sitting in our big adarondack chairs on our front porch and enjoying a beautiful day. We are many many months from that but this held me over for a bit. This has a nice acidity, noticeable minerality and a hint of lemon. Pine Ridge makes really great wines and at around $17 (you can find it on sale for less) it is a delightful bottle.

And just a little funny fact about the Willamette Valley, if you are ever wondering how to say it, just remember it’s Willamette (dammit). A nice little rhyme to remember the pronunciation.

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