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Wine Wednesday Cocobon Red

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

One of my favorite ways to find new wines to try is to head to Trader Joe’s with a budget and the number of wines I want to buy for that budget. Saturday morning I did a Trader Joe’s run and wanted to get at least 5 wines for no more than $40 dollars. And one extra caveat was that they needed to be new to Scott and I. Challenging? Yes. Mission accomplished? Yes!

The first wine we tried from this little experiment was a 2010 Cocobon Red Wine from California that was $7.99. It was at the front of the liquor store (a little side note, in MN all liquor stores that are part of a grocery store need to have a separate entrance and must be closed on Sundays. There are some strange laws here!) with a big sign that said back by popular demand. Hmmm. If it was requested that it be brought back it must be good.

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They were correct! This was a great wine. We enjoyed it while curling up on our newly delivered couch. After a little more than a week with no living room furniture I was ready to park my behind on the couch with a glass of wine in hand. Cocobon was described as rich, silky with hints of mocha and cherry. Oh yes this was spot on, I had a little bite of dark chocolate with this and it was so nice.

If you happen to see this at Trader Joe’s, I highly recommend this!

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