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Wine Wednesday Campo Maccione Morellino Di Scansano

By Fitnspicy @fitnspicy

As we were surrounded by moving boxes and chaos I made the executive decision that we needed wine. And good wine. Not just any old bottle but something we would truly enjoy. I proceeded to dig through the boxes of wine to see what I could find. A nice big bold Italian red.

Step 2 was finding where the wine glasses were. Make sure you leave out wine glasses when moving. Thankfully they weren’t buried too deep in the mountain of boxes.

A lovely $15 dollar ruby red with hints of cherry, a bit floral and the perfect wine to drink when you are crazy stressed, your closing date got changed 3 times and you are living out of boxes.  I am telling you that wine solves a lot.

Campo Maccione (1 of 1)

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