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Win a Chance to Play GTAOnline Jobs with Its Creators and Special Guests

Posted on the 26 September 2016 by Nick Creighton @starshomejob
Facebooktwittergoogle_plus Win an opportunity to perform with Unique Friends STAY to morrow and GTAOnline Invited Originators evening, 5PM EST on Twitch and YT.

Should you be a Grandtheftauto On The Web lover and need to win the opportunity to perform with the sport’s creators and other unique visitors, excellent! All you need to do is respond to this tweet from Rock Star Games with your Xbox One Gamertag and they are going to be selecting winners in time to join tomorrow’s livestream on Friday, August 7th at 5PM EST.

Need to perform around? Answer with your Xbox One Gamertag for the opportunity to join the live stream of tomorrow. #GTAOnline

— Rock Star Games (@RockstarGames) August 6, 2015

This stream will be enjoying with the gamer-produced Throw Back Occupations inspired Smuggler’s Run, Mid Night Club, and by Man Hunt. Those wishing to take a look at the stream can listen in at the Rock Star Games Youtube or their Twitch.

Tomorrow at 5PM ET we are livestreaming #GTAOnline Throw Back Occupations on & Twitch

— Rock Star Games (@RockstarGames) August 6, 2015

To best it off, all week, GTAOnline lovers can get double the GTA money and IDR when they perform The Pacific Regular Occupation Heist. That is the finale in their own bonus line up, therefore get them while you are able to. Abilities and details with this bonus can be located here.

Players also can get more upgrades on the livestream and other chances in the software engineers through their Twitter statement.



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