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Why Nutrition IS Important

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Why nutrition IS importantWhether you are aiming for weight loss, muscle building or sporting performance, nutrition is vital. Many people don't mind going to the gym and working out (or posing!) but not everyone likes the nutrition side of things.
When I played cricket for Essex CCC, I trained hard, worked out in the gym regularly, but it wasn't until I got myself a nutritionist and sorted out my diet that I really noticed the benefits of nutrition. It makes sense though, right? If your goal is to build muscle, then yes, a good gym plan is crucial, but you don't build muscle in the gym, you break it down - nutrition is where your muscles grow. So if your nutrition is poor, then your progress will be poor. Your muscles need the correct nutrients in order to grow, get bigger and stronger.
If your goal is weight loss, then nutrition is extremely important. Losing fat is all about a calorie balance - calories consumed vs calories burned. You could be working hard in the gym, but if you're consuming more calories than you're burning, then you're not going to be shedding the pounds. You have to make sure your eating lean, healthy foods - protein, complex carbs, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats.
Sport is where I believe nutrition has really taken off in the last 10 years. Every professional sports team will have a nutritionist, providing the athletes with the nutrition they need to perform at their best. Different sports require different nutritional needs, so a diet for a footballer will not be the same for a cricketer.
Don't dismiss nutrition, it is very important no matter what your goal is.
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