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Why It Sucks When Your Kid with Autism Gets Hurt

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

On Tuesday night when I was ushering the kids up to bed I noticed Adrian was limping. I figured his foot was asleep or something and I wasn’t worried about it. On Wednesday morning when I was taking him out to the bus I noticed him limping again and then I was worried.

When he got home from school yesterday Glen and I started looking his leg over. Not seeing any obvious signs of bruises or scrapes or anything that would indicate what part of his leg was hurting him we started asking him questions.

While pushing on his ankle we asked “Does this hurt?’ Adrian says “hurt.” “Adrian, does your ankle hurt?” Adrian says “Ankle.”

Moving up to his knee and pushing on it “Does your knee hurt?” Adrian says “All done” and tries to leave.

“Did you hurt your leg at school?” “Leg hurt, all done”

That was all he would tolerate with the questioning.

It’s hard. We have no idea what happened. The plan is to wait a couple days and see if he’s still limping since he’s not crying about it and when he stims he’s still jumping up and down on it so I doubt it’s a serious injury. I just wish he could tell me.

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