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Dancing Through Autism

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

When I got a booklet of local community classes I thumbed through it mostly looking for classes for my girls. Since they’re homeschooled we try to get them in outside activities. When I came across a class called “Dancing Through Autism” it really caught my eye!

Adrian took his first class last Saturday and he did really great! Adrian has always been a “ladies man”…seemingly gravitating towards attractive blonde women Haha!! His class was no different, there were 3 teachers and he seemed to gravitate toward the blonde teacher.

Surprisingly there were no other kids with autism there. There were however 3 little girls with Down’s Syndrome there. It was so fun to watch the kids. They did a little bit of tap, a little ballet, and then some floor gymnastics.

Adrian really enjoyed it and when we got home Glen asked him how it went and he said “I exercised…can I go play on the computer?”

Maybe check with your local dance studios to see if they offer special needs dance classes! It was great connecting with the other parents as we watched our kids too!!

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