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Why Is Red Wine Healthy?

By Sarahohm @sarahohm

Hey loveys,
I've been MIA again this week - seriously, what is wrong with me?
Last week I worked a lot (since I am off school until next week) so I didn't have a ton of time to write in between working out and working and all that fun stuff! This weekend was my friends Bachelorette Party! It was so much fun. Oddly enough, I didn't snap any photos of the event... that's a little surprising to me. To be honest with you - I drank a lot. And I drank a lot of different types of alcohol which is like, the worst decision. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed thinking of how silly I was to drink so much... Then it kind of got me thinking....
I felt so much better when I wasn't drinking. I gave up drinking for a month when I was doing personal training... and there were definite pros and cons. I felt great, I woke up each day with a clear head and it was amazing. The cons? Well I kind of felt lame when I was at work and turning down wine and champagne, or when I was out with friends and drinking water over wine, or instead of socializing after work, I would run out of work before anyone could notice.
Working in a very social setting and knowing a lot of people makes life fairly interesting. I've worked at my job now for about 3 months, and in that time I have enjoyed meeting a ton of amazing people. The Dragon's from Dragon's Den, The Trailer Park Boys, the Orthopaedic Surgeon for the Toronto Blue Jays, countless Bay St. stock trading rockstars, and tons of professional athletes. The thing with that is sure, it's nice to enjoy a glass of wine and meet new people, but 1 glass of wine is never just 1 glass of wine. It leads to 3 glasses of wine, then someone buys shots, then it's more wine... and, well, it's just never 1 glass of wine.
Why Is A Little Red Wine Healthy?
This week I work 3 nights, and I have to make a decision consciously to either not drink after work or have a STRICT limit of 1 glass. Although having a limit never seems to work, choosing to not drink seems to be the better option of the two. Just to play Devils' Advocate, however, there are some benefits of drinking a glass of red wine. Did you know that? My favorite type of red wine is Pinot Noir, which happens to be the best choice of wine to drink in terms of the health benefits it provides.
Why Is A Little Red Wine Healthy?Drinking 4-6 ounces of red wine per day may help decrease heart disease, prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system! Because of the tannin's in Pinot Noir (the stuff in wine that makes it taste dry), pairing it with a piece of salmon gives you health promoting benefits of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Flavanoids and polyphenols are very concentrated in the dark grapes used to create Pinot Noir, which can get rid of free radicals in the body. Tannins, anthocyanins and procyanidins can help raise HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol). Resveratrol lowers the risk of coronary heart disease by decreasing the chances of blood clots and helping blood vessels remain unclogged and flexible.
WHEW! See? Benefits... although they only count when you're drinking no more than 1 glass of wine. Which is my new limit. For health reasons, obviously.
Tonight is my first night at work this week, Monday's are usually slow so I will go right home after. Woohoo! I have a lot of fun stuff happening this week! I'm going for an IPL treatment this afternoon before work (lasers in my face.. kind of fun...) and tomorrow I'm going to an awesome Fitness Blogger Event at Telus - details tomorrow or Wednesday.. and an AMAZING giveaway for a lucky reader... seriously, it's my best giveaway thus far), Wednesday I have a photoshoot with my favorite photographer, Tara Noelle, in the morning and I work in the evening, and then I have nothing the rest of the week until Saturday night when I work again. THEN school starts again next week - holy man! Time flies.
Do you like to indulge in a glass of red wine? What's your favorite type?


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