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Why I Quit Being a Beachbody Coach

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Why I Quit being a Beachbody CoachThis post has been in the back of my mind the past few weeks yearning to come out and explain why over a year ago I quit being a Beachbody Coach.
First, I love their workout programs and still do them...not every day but every week. Some weeks every day. There are some programs I love more than others and I do keep my All Access Beachbody on Demand going. That expense I can rest easy with as it is less than a gym membership for a year and I can "attend" classes whenever and wherever I want. Those are good selling points.
And the shakes weren't too bad. I kinda liked them and was excited when they offered more vegan flavors. That was a win-win for me but I can find a good vegan shake that costs less and honestly, I don't really need to drink a protein shake every day of my life. Just saying... And when it comes to hydration I stick to SOS Rehydrate and you can get 20% off with my friends and family code EGFITNESS.
But I didn't quit because of product. I quit because of reality.
The reality of the return on investment (ROI) and the reality that I did not like what I was being asked to do.
Essentially, I despise high pressure sales. If I walk into a store and I am nagged, I will leave. Don't pressure me. Don't push your product on me. Let me come to my own decision. You can ask if I need help but if I say, "No, thank you." trust me and let me be. And this mentality of mine was 100% opposite of the Beachbody sales strategy I was to adopt to "be successful". I was to nag everyone non-stop. Of course, they didn't use the word nag but I was to invite at least 2-3 people a day to "join me". I was to hunt them down on social media and start the "sales" conversation after stalking them. I know, sounds creepy and totally not the words they used but it is the reality of it. Nope. No stalking for me. No high sales. No pressure. And I am not going to "friend" you in hopes to make money off of you. I wouldn't want to be treated that way so why would I?
Why I Quit being a Beachbody Coach
And I was supposed to convince them that it was worth every dollar. Maybe it was...or not....but I am a mom and wife trying to pay off debt and the last thing I want to do is put someone else into debt taking advantage of their desire to look and feel better. There are better ways to look and feel better.
And let's take a side step to the look thing. I was to post transformation pictures weekly essentially saying look at me, or so and so, and how fit and beautiful they are because of this! Well, we all come in different shapes and sizes and I am sorry, women have enough to deal with in this world. I did not want to be part of any form of body shaming or setting unrealistic expectations or making any woman feel less about herself. NO. That is not me.
Furthermore, I started this adventure when I was in a dip in my life and yes, Beachbody gave me tools to move through my depression with workouts I still love but I was also growing deeper in my faith. I was watching my daughter grow up and seeing her ideals of modesty and that is what I support. It may be old fashioned but I do believe in modesty. Transformation pictures aren't the most modest things out there. Too much skin, too much ego/pride, not enough humility.
I also signed up to be a coach because honestly, I was scared. Scared of the future. Fears of no security or stability as dear hubby approaches retirement age. Fear of being the "sole provider" of the family, so to speak, when all I really ever want to be is a stay at home mom. So an at-home income had appeal. And my OCD had my mind thinking I had to take care of things. To secure things. But I was naive and of little faith.
All my plans in the world mean nothing if they aren't aligned with God's will. I did pray before signing up to be a coach and had the sense, yes, give it a year and see.
After that "trial period" I realized this wasn't working for me anymore and there was no real ROI. I wasn't even breaking even with the cost of being a coach and the shakes and that made no sense to me especially since my shake stock was piling up a wee bit. Did I mention I am not a protein shake every single solitary day kinda gal? My upline, for the most part, did try to convince me to stay and keep forging ahead. I do have to say the coach I worked directly under never once pressured me. He is a good guy so if you are reading this Mr. Good Guy, thank you for that!
Fast forward a year or so from when I quit to am I?
I am happier. I have more time with my family and to do more meaningful things versus worrying about "nagging" and inviting people to challenges. I do virtual challenges solo or with a group on FitBit and more. I share fitness and health tips and what I truly care about. Most importantly, I am aligned with my faith and core beliefs.
On top of that, I am in better financial shape. Not perfect but better. I still have debt I am tackling but I have a proven method for doing so based on the income God has always been providing my family. I have a budget app (Every Dollar) that I love and log every single purchase. That in itself is a huge reality step to seeing where you spend your pennies. I set limits and stick to them. I am trying hard to get dear hubby to stick to his too. It is a battle but a worthy battle.
Darling daughter is learning about budgeting and applying the same questions and principles I am - Do I need this or just want this? Do I need it now or can it wait? And the budget gives us the freedom to splurge and have fun as I set up an account for that. Treat ourselves guilt free, buy gifts guilt free, donate with confidence, and work on that snowball of debt.
That makes me happy and that truly is what God wants for all of us. And the future? Who knows! I am going to leave that in God's hands. He is much more capable than I am.
Daily Gratitude: I am thankful that I listened to my inner voice and stood up strong adhering to my faith and principles.
Daily Bible Verse: Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire. ~ 1 Timothy 2:9

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