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Which Wich

By Hblack79

Good Morning!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday.  Why have we not invented a 5 day weekend and a 2 day work week yet? That just makes a lot more sense in my opinion.

I was pretty exhausted from the week, so I had really been looking forward to the weekend!  Between blogging, work, Girls on the Run, and Arbonne, I stayed on the go Monday thru Friday!  When 4:30pm on Friday hit, I was out of there and was so thankful for the weekend.  Friday night was pretty low-key for us, we went to Whole Foods for dinner because we were both craving something healthy.  I got the four for four, which I didn’t realize was still an option until the other day.  You get four Health Starts Here approved options for four dollars.  It’s such a great deal in my opinion.  We then went to Walmart to pick up snacks for Saturday.  Ice cream wasn’t on our list, but it made it’s way in the buggy, so we enjoyed Bunny Tracks before I headed home for the evening to get some much needed rest.

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for the Dragon Boat Regatta.  My office had a team of rowers and the event turned out to be a whole lot of fun!  We rowed twice and were scheduled to row a third time, but the weather went from amazing to awful in a flat two seconds!  They called off the rest of the event due to the weather.  Luckily everyone made it back in safely, but there was a race going on right as the winds hit.


We came in third for the first race, but first on the second race.  Our friends Danny & Shaina came out to help us row, although Danny has pretty much promised he’ll never come again haha.  It’s a lot of hard work and a super early morning, that’s for sure!  I think deep down he enjoyed being there though.  Shaina left early because we didn’t need her to row and she offered to have dinner ready for us after the races.  She made a delicious Tomato Pie, which I’m sure sounds as crazy to you as it does to me!  She subbed in Greek Yogurt for part of the mayo it calls for to make it a little healthier.  It’s basically pie crust with half mayo, half greek yogurt, sliced tomatoes, spices, and cheese on top.  I was a little skeptical, but it turned out delicious!  She had a side of guac just in case we didn’t like the tomato pie.  We spent the rest of the evening watching tv and relaxing.  I was craving some cookies, so Danny made a famous batch of his delicious cookies – seriously, these things are amazing!  I don’t even want to guess how many cookies I ate, because it’d be embarrassing.

Sunday turned out to be another relaxing day, thank goodness.  Nick and I did some stuff at his house, I got some work done, we went to Whole Foods again for lunch and looked at DSW because I have a coupon I can use right now.  I found some cute sandals that I’m going back for later today.  I do believe the highlight of our day was finding the most amazing place to eat – Which Wich.  Have you ever eaten here?!  As a vegetarian, finding a sandwich shop that doesn’t just put a few pathetic veggies on a slice of bread with a piece of cheese is quite difficult.  I would have never in my life thought about it if I wasn’t a vegetarian.  I was a little nervous giving it a try, but Nick and I have both suggested it at one point or another and just never went.  I figured I’d get the tuna.  I still eat fish on occasion and when we go to places like Subway, that’s what I’m basically required to get because there is no way I’m spending $5 on the ridiculous thing they call a veggie sandwich.  We walked in and they have a place for you to create your own order, I wish I had taken a picture of it, but there is a menu on the wall and numbered sandwich bags depending on which section you’re ordering from.  I looked at the vegetarian section and there were FIVE options, one of which was a BLACK BEAN PATTY!!!  Seriously, I was ecstatic.  You then select all the toppings and cheese you want.  I went with a black bean patty on wheat, with pepper jack cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch sauce, crunchy onion straws, lettuce, tomato, pickle, salt, and pepper.


Before we even got our food, we were already raving about the place, but then we thought… maybe we should actually get our food and taste it before speaking too soon.  Then I saw a sign with the owner quoting that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your sandwich, they’ll either make a new one, refund you, or both!  So I knew at that moment, it just has to be good!  Sure enough, we were not disappointed.  Nick also got the black bean burger because he likes having a healthy option and knows my struggle with sandwich places.  He got a whole lot more toppings on his.


I finished off the entire sandwich with no trouble at all.  We decided that it’s not even worth eating at other places in the Dogwood Shopping area when we can get a wide variety here and we can choose to be healthy.  I could have gone full blown vegan or even Engine 2/Health Starts Here approved!  It’s nice to know that I have those options when I’m eating out and I’m doing one of those challenges.  You can choose to do a lettuce wrap and even a bowl, so the healthy options are there!  We continued to rave about our dinner to each other the rest of the night because we were so pleasantly surprised.

Now I’m off to work for another week.  I’m getting brackets put on this morning, so I’m a little nervous, but the process of braces is officially underway!  Yippee!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

  • Have you ever eaten Which Wich?
  • What’s your favorite sandwich from there?
  • Have you ever done a Dragon Boat race?
  • Did you have a good weekend?  What did you do?

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