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Where to Go When You’re 9 Months Pregnant? IKEA!

By Reasonstodress

So, I’ve mentioned before that when I was 7 months pregnant I was put on total, 100% bed rest.  We’re talking all day, everyday, lying in bed on my left side, getting up only to go pee!

pregnancy style, maternity style, ikea,#pregnancystyle,#maternitystyle A pregnant woman sitting in ikea on carpets. A-line trapeze dress with belt, pointy ballerina flats.


I had spent the previous 7 months of my pregnancy traveling all around for vacations to Sardegna and Rome and Naples.  I was working, so I visited clients in Florence and Bologna and Munich, Germany.  I went to swanky press events at our showroom in Milan and I even worked the fashion fairs in Paris  (we went by car because I was scared of flying … it took SO LONG!).  So, needless to say, being in bed after I was convinced that I could live pregnancy like a jet setter was a very rude awakening.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t really “go” anywhere during my last trimester.  I had low amniotic fluid and was drinking 4 to 5 LITERS (YES LITERS) of water a day.  And I was only getting up out of bed to go pee…… often, since at that point my bladder was the size of a walnut, and we all can imagine how much water a walnut holds.


The Reason To Dress

A week before my due date my doctor gave me permission to leave the house so that I could naturally start the contractions.  You cannot imagine the joy I felt walking into IKEA!  It was like going to the Caribbean on holiday.


Thankfully I had spent the previous 7 months frantically preparing for the arrival of my little man so the nursery was done and THANK GOD FOR INTERNET SHOPPING, I found everything and more I needed online and had it all delivered!  Tomorrow I’ll be talking a bit about my pregnancy essentials and how I managed to get what I needed to feel prepared by shopping the net (extensively!)


Here, I am taking a break from all that difficult walking.  I don’t look that pregnant, but believe me I was.  18 kilos (40 lbs) heavier and with NO MUSCLE mass (it is amazing how fast muscle atrophy sets in when your only movement for 60 days is typing on the computer, talking on the phone and peeing!), walking through IKEA was like running a three day marathon.  Thank god they have some comfy carpets so I could rest myself.


What I Wore


I was a little sad that I didn’t get a chance to wear all kinds of cute maternity outfits during my last trimester.  I spent everyday in bed, so really wearing anything aside from yoga pants and cotton tops was out of the question.  So I took this IKEA opportunity to get at least one nice maternity style photo!


I wore a H&M trapeze dress that was not maternity wear.  It fit my belly, but was really tight around my chest since when I was not pregnant I had it taken in.  So, imagine my surprise, when I had to let it out to account for my new boobs (ugh how I miss pregnancy boobs).


I belted it with a belt that I designed for the brand that I work for.  It is a double loop belt in buffalo leather that is held in place by three tiny metal belt loops, so it is completely customizeable.  You can totally wear a belt while pregnant!  You just need to wear it high, over your belly, and this makes any dress into an “empire” waist.  By belting this dress  I didn’t feel like a huge balloon because it gave a bit of  form to my roundedness.


A pregnant belly in a trapeze a line empire waist dress belted with a double lop belt. maternity style pregnancy style in ikea


My shoes are Steve Madden ballet flats in silver leather with  leather flowers.  I bought these years ago so they are no longer online.  At the time they were a copy of a famous designer brand, and they are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  Aren’t they cute!  Too bad they no longer fit, because I wore them during pregnancy and my swollen, chubby feet have stretched them out.  Hmmm, maybe I could get away with wearing them with chunky sport socks and tights (note to self!).


Where to go when you’re 9 months pregnant? IKEA!
The most important part of my ensemble are my black Sigvaris 30-40 mmHg compression tights for pregnant women.  I paid over $100 bucks for these babies and bought 2 pairs!!!  THEY ARE AN ABSOLUTE PREGNANCY NECESSITY.

For those of you that don’t know, pregnancy can cause some serious restless leg syndrome from circulation problems,  it also can cause varicose veins.  Ew, gross I said it!  VARICOSE VEINS.  Disgusting.

Get this.  In order to make another human being your body can almost double the volume of blood it produces.  In my case I had constant NOSE BLEEDS.  File that under “things you wish you didn’t know about pregnancy”.  YES nose bleeds.  As soon as I entered into my second trimester I LIVED in compression stalkings.  I couldn’t stand to be without them, they made my whole body feel so much better, and I’m glad to say that I didn’t get a single varicose vein, nor did I get stretch marks and I also didn’t tear at the time of birth…..but these are all things I’ll get into tomorrow when I share with you my favourite pregnancy things!


What about you?  What cute outfits did you wear during pregnancy, I would love to see your pictures and here from you! What are your pregnancy survival strategies ?


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