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What To Get Rid Of To Start Eating Clean

By 43fitness
What To Get Rid Of To Start Eating Clean

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Out of house = out of mouth. Not sure who coined that phrase, but when you're starting a healthy diet plan it certainly rings true. I'm the girl who once polished off the entire gift box of chocolate candy before even getting to the house, so you can see I'm quite advanced with this concept. And a rule follower (if not a tad backwards with my execution). Chocolate is my undoing. And even after 9 years of eating healthy I still can't have it in my house except in unopened bags in the basement 2 days before Halloween.

So what's it for you? Chips? Soda? Ice cream? You know your trigger foods. And if you're reading this you know they can turn you into a quivering pile of failure with just their mere presence. So rather than give you a long list of foods in your pantry I think you should get rid of, I'm looking to you to get real honest with yourself about what you can and can't handle. Use this list of circumstances around trigger foods (and foods with potential to become triggers) to know whether you can safely coexist.

Get rid of anything that:

  1. You'll go get out of the trash after deliberately throwing it away - I feel you Miranda!
  2. You'll steal from another household member, even knowing how pissed they'll be when they find it missing - my poor dad NEVER got a second slice of cake
  3. You'll pay more money for than necessary or sacrifice quality for because you need it in the moment - a slice of Chuck E Cheese pizza
  4. You'll make excuses to have on hand like keeping it for the grandkids, or for an event that's weeks away
  5. Becomes a replacement for your favorite simply based on the fact that it's got the same flavor profile - salty, sweet, decadent. A great example of this is me MacGyvering a tablespoon of butter dipped in sugar and cocoa powder to guessed it. Milk chocolate. I literally did this, so I don't judge!

You see where I'm going with this. Get rid of anything you'll have to use willpower to keep around. And if you're anything like me, it's going to be several things. I love chocolate, but I also love any baked good, including french bread and crackers. We already covered the butter, but I'm also allured by anything with processed sugar. Not just cookies and candy. Jelly, honey, brown sugar (also after it's dipped in butter).

Over the years I've had to have some pretty strong talks with myself. Healthy meal planning for weight loss means just that. Healthy. So get in that kitchen, and get those trigger foods OUT. No mercy! And if you find yourself trying to find a reason to keep it, then you know without a doubt it should go.

Are you stuck? Need some accountability to get out of the junk food vortex? Hit me up and we'll customize a nutrition plan just for you!

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