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What Keeps You Moving Forward on the Royal Path to Purpose?

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

What’s the “why” behind your choices in life?

Are you motivated by pleasure or pain?  Do you tend to move towards something wonderful, or move away from something painful?  How do you know your primary motivator?

 How do you know what your primary motivator is?

 If pleasure motivates you, you see a big, bright future full of possibilities.  You focus on the Promised Land.  This is what pulls you toward something meaningful.  However, if you’re motivated by pain (like me), you focus on what you want to avoid.

My pain motivators are the reasons why I started Business Queen Unlimited.

I’m motivated by what I don’t want to experience.  I haven’t had the greatest experience working for other people.  I found out I don’t like having to give away my voice and power to bigotry, discrimination, and systemic racism.

Those atrocities damage my spirit and stunt my ability to reach my fullest potential financially and mentally.  I’m not a fan of office politics, having to hide my true feelings about injustices as I make a meager wage helping others to build their kingdoms.

That’s not my idea of success.  I decided that I wanted to create a living for myself that works for me.  I want a happy career life.

I didn’t want my financial future in the hands of people who didn’t care about me and didn’t want to see me do better than they.  I didn’t want to sell my soul for a paycheck.  I wanted the leeway to do things my way.  And after I discovered my purpose, I realized that entrepreneurship was definitely the best vehicle for me to express my calling through my vocation.

Yes, vision pulls me forward as well.  But when I think about giving up, that’s when the pain motivators kick in.  They really are what keep me going.

So what motivates you to move forward each day?  Do you know your “why” behind your biggest goals?

If you need guidance in discovering your big “why”, then let’s chat!  Click here to apply for your complimentary “Unlock your Royal Purpose” Breakthrough Session.  Together, we will uncover the obstacles that kill your motivation to achieve what you desire…and how to break through those barriers so you can begin to design your life, your way!

To Your Regal Magnificence,

What Keeps You Moving Forward on the Royal Path to Purpose?

Pamela Brown

The Queen of Bounce Back

Women’s Empowerment Coach & Fierce Warrioress

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