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What is Your Yoga Style?

By Nadine
I love this flowchart: What's Your Yoga?

Of course, some people might ask where the styles I teach are? Yin Yoga just doesn't appear on this chart. There are some others missing as well and that makes sense as there are limitations in preparing such a nice concise presentation. Hatha Yoga: that's a little more complicated. All physical Yoga is Hatha Yoga. So why do some classes have special names (i.e. Iyengar) and others just say Hatha (or in my case Hatha Flow)?

Physical yoga has gone down many paths, as evidenced by the flow chart and the vast number of Yoga studios and teachers out there. However, if the Yoga you teach (or practice) doesn't fall into one specialized category, Hatha is a good description for it. The Yoga I teach takes influences from Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga as well as other styles.

This flowchart is a neat tool to demonstrate how diverse the Yoga traditions are.

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