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What is Numerology?

By Pamelabrowncoaching @coach_pam_brown

What is Numerology?

Did you know your birthday and name has the secrets to your life’s purpose, challenges, talents, motivations, and life lessons?  That is what numerology is all about.

The ancient divination art of numerology is the science of numbers.  Based on a system credited to Pythagoras in the Western Hemisphere, each number has its own energy, substance, and lesson, and collectively they influence your psyche and personality.

Numerology also exposes who you are at soul-level, which is your essence, the truth of who you are as a royal divine being.  In other words, your profile shows you who and what you came here to become.

The system is based on the numbers 1-9.  Each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value.  See the chart below.

What is Numerology?

Definitions used in numerology

Life path or life purpose number: the total sum of birth numbers.  it’s your path in life, what you’re here to master, learn, and do.

Soul Urge/Soul Essence: The total sum of the vowels of your birth name added together.  The inner you; your true motivation.  This number reflects who you are before any external influences (i.e., family influences).

Expression number: The total sum of all letters in your birth name.  The vibration of this sum represents the way you express yourself and your life purpose.

Karmic Number: The numbers missing from your full name that’s on your birth certificate.  If you’re missing a number, it’s the lesson in life you’ve come here to learn.

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