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What I Tried to Read: Leviathan

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

By Scott Westerfeld and Keith Thompson.

I devoured the Uglies series, enjoyed Peeps, and keep looking for the first Midnighters book at my local used book store. I went into Leviathan prepared to like it.

And I do… halfway.

I’m drawn to the chapters with Deryn. They read fast, and I want more of them.

The chapters with Alek, though, drag.

I am not yet to the point where they meet (it’s in the jacket/website description), but given what’s happening in the storyline, I think I must be close. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can tough out even those few pages — or if it will be worth it if I do.

So I’m setting it down. Reading should be enjoyable, and right now, this is not. Maybe I’ll have a different result on a different day, but on this day — I’m moving on.

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