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What About Breakfast?

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254

Many people that are on a diet to lose weight, tend to do similar things. One of them is eating a small breakfast, or avoiding it all together. The old saying of ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’, is actually true. Breakfast is the time to fuel your body up for the day, so you want to consume a good size breakfast, packed with carbohydrates and protein. An example of a good breakfast would be scrambled eggs on toast, a bowl of fruit, small glass of orange juice/smoothie and a big glass of water.  Many people on a weight loss diet would find that ‘huge, but its really not. When people have a small breakfast, they find themselves getting hungry at around 10/11am, and then snack on something. Then they would have a bigger lunch (as they are hungry because of the lack of food in the morning), then could possibly snack again in the afternoon, and then have a big dinner which will fill them right up. This is just bad, no other way to say it. Your body does not need a big meal at night, it needs a big meal in the morning to fill up your fuel tank. So, it’s not crazy to actually eat more food when trying to lose weight, it’s all about when you eat it.

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