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Well Managed

By Anytimeyoga @anytimeyoga

It occurs to me that I haven’t written about endometriosis in a while. This is likely because, for the past several months, I’ve had blessedly few days of excruciating pain. This is a good thing.

I avoid the foods I know trigger pain. I do the exercises that I know help stave off pain. I reach for my NSAIDs at the slightest sign of spiking pain.

By most accounts, my endo is well managed.

And yet.

While my days of debilitating pain are rare, my days of any pain are frequent. And day after day after day of moderate or even low level pain… they add up. It’s slower, but there is still a cumulative draining effect on my energy, my strength, my stamina, my bodily mobility, my patience, my immune system, my stress levels, my moods, my inspiration, my equanimity, my outlook on life.

While I’m not offering up spoons in measurable, discrete amounts… the spoons are slowly liquefying, seeping out of me drop by drop by drop.

“Well managed” does not mean that anything is improving. Or that everything is staying the same. All it means is that the rate of decay is as slow as can be expected.

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