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Well Behaved Women

By Lilylore
well behaved women rarely make history

I've read that quote multiple times in different versions by various women throughout time and the message has remained the same, Women who behave, rarely make history. It's a fact! The first time I ever read that I thought "hmmm... it must be true", I doubt that a woman who stays put and goes through her life acting "normal" or behaving the way society expects her to behave would have gone into the history books if all she did during her existence was common and uncomplicated.
Think about a well behave Marilyn Monroe, or a quiet and shy Joan of Arc and Evita Peron. Can you even imagine these ladies letting their lives go by and not ever doing any of the great things they are known?

I don't think these women would have stamped their mark into today's society if it wasn't because of their ability to disregard what people considers normal and proper behavior. Those women had the passion and courage to act upon their wishes and dreams by following their heart's desires without caring too much about others opinions.

I was actually reflecting on this the other day and couldn't help but wonder, how can I, a mere mortal leave my own impression on this earth? Can I simply just fade one day without ever doing anything remarkable? How long would I be remembered after I pass through the world? Probably my family and close friends will remember me for a while, maybe even my great grandkids will know that there was someone named like me who was part of their family. However, Would they know my favorite color or song? Would they know if I enjoyed rainy days? Would they know how much I liked to read? Would they be interested in knowing anything about me at all?

The answer to all these questions is a definite maybe, but I guess that's something I may never know for sure. The fact is that little by little my name will be erased forever and nobody will think of me, and that is how I will disappear... My life would be forgotten, my name will not be in any book of records, or history or anything.

So now my questions are: What contribution I am leaving the universe? Do I want people to remember me? Do I want to be known for something important?  The answer I think... No! I know, is a definite YES! 

But I don't want to be known as the woman who gave birth to 8 kids at once, or someone who did something wrong. I want my storybook to be filled with the things I enjoy and love, I want to be known for what I did and not for what I failed or was too cowardly to do. I would just need to misbehave, right? Act outrageous! Be courageous, smart and adventurous, run naked in the rain, be loud! Speak up my mind, and, above all, love, and be passionate for every single thing I do.  

Just sitting down here writing these thoughts and imagining how great my life could be if I began acting upon my dreams is making me feel so excited! And the truth is, it all sounds absolutely amazing when is written down, and if I seriously believe about it,  I think I may still have time to be part of those wonderful women. After all, I'll much rather be naughty than boring. 

But, if all that fails and at the end of my journey it turns out I didn't leave any mark worth mentioning in books, magazines, tv, or even the corner gossipers, at least I will be content with knowing that I gave it my best. And that, my dears will be enough.

I would like to extend the invitation to the misbehaved club to all of you who's reading right now. Let's all get crazy and for once do what our hearts really want. We may just make it! 

Be passionate about passion! Love with all your heart, hug tightly, smile always! And if you must cry, then cry out loud! Life is too short to dwell on little things, let's start a new day today by making our lives the happy place we want to exist in.

Well Behaved Women
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Well Behaved Women
Well Behaved Women
Well Behaved Women
Well Behaved Women
Well Behaved Women

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