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Blogger Vs Wordpress

By Lilylore
Blogger Vs Wordpress

When I first decided I needed a medium to merge all my blogs into one I didn’t realize it would be so hard.
The good thing is I already knew that I will be using blogger as my platform. You may ask, why?

And the reason is because it is a user-friendly platform, particularly if I compared it to Wordpress. Yes, I have tried Wordpress, and it was so difficult to know how to even begin. How do you upload your template? How do you even make your first post? Never mind all the different plugins and other stuff like fonts and titles etc. I did spend a few hours trying to understand it, but I couldn’t figure it out! So I came right back to my remarkably easy Blogger Platform and I love it!
I do know Wordpress is supposed to be the best out there for your content, mainly if you want to have control over the ownership of your site. However, so far, Blogger does itsjob for me and I don’t see them closing it anytime soon. (Like they did with Google Reader and Adsense for feeds)

Besides, most of the reviews I have read for Blogger don’t really do it justice or are outdated. They mostly talk about how plain and not impressive the templates are, and I must disagree as there are many custom templates created by different developers and offered for a small amount or even for free that are highly dynamic and have everything I have seen in the Wordpress ones, and at least I wouldn’t be able to tell if I was on a different platform, primarily if the blog in question has their own domain.

With Blogger, you have the advantage of knowing your content is secure and you don’t need to worry about managing any server resources. However, if Google decided they will no longer host your blog, they can shut it down without warning or reason. So I recommend you back it up regularly and save all your images.
Keep in mind there are several reasons why Blogger may decide to shut you down.
Example: Someone is claiming you are using copyrighted material (Text, video or images)
To prevent this from happening, make sure all your content is original and utilize, royalty free images from places like:

1. Unsplash
2. Pixabay
3. Gratisography

With Blogger, you certainly don’t have to spend a great deal of money, unless you buy your own template and a domain which I recommend you do to give your blog image a professional look. However, I have read many successful blogs, with a address so I guess it truly just comes down to being consistent in your postings and, of course, publishing interesting stuff for your readers.

With, you need to pay a monthly fee for hosting and if you’re just starting out and have little or no money to invest, Blogger is the better choice as hosting is completely free!
Also with Blogger you have integration with Google Adsense account so you can start monetizing right away.

To summarize, if you’re just starting up and want to give blogging a try without investing a lot, Blogger is all you need.

- It is easy to use (Mostly drag and drop)
- You can customize your template or buy a premium
- There are many widgets you can add to make it function and look how you want it.
- Integration with Google+ and Adsense
- Implementing your own domain is fairly easy
- If you need support you can find it on the forums.

The only reason why I would choose to move my content to a different platform in the future would be the issue Blogger currently has with the space. You only get 1G so that means you have to be careful with how big your images are. And if you desire a fast loading site so your readers are more likely to stay this is something you want to pay attention to.

Other than that, I am a happy blogger right now and have many plans and ideas to continue to post and hopefully to help some of you.
Happy Blogging!

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Blogger Wordpress
Blogger Wordpress
Blogger Wordpress
Blogger Wordpress
Blogger Wordpress

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