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15 Netflix Movies You Must Watch!

By Lilylore
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For those days when all you want to do is to curl up and watch one of those "feel good Movies" sitting in your most comfy bottoms, ice tea in your hands or better yet, some delicious wine, no make-up, and no plans. Look no further than this list. They may not be popular and most don't have superstars in it, but the stories and characters will definitely leave you feeling great! If you do not have Netflix, you may try to get this titles on Red Box, Hulu or even Amazon Prime


Frequences movie poster

FrequenciesThis movie makes you question about our own free will, do things really happen because we make them happen?  Is there such a thing as destiny? If you want a good laugh and great dialogs with sci-fi in the mix. This is your movie! Probably rather slowly paced for some, but sweet for those, like me, who appreciate different and interesting plots and analogies.


in your eyes movie poster

In Your EyesThis movie is definitively different. The story of how the protagonists met is unlike anything I ever read or seen before and it's what makes this tale interesting.  Lots of dialogs and romance and at times even a little queer. Don't know what to watch Friday night? Give this a try!


Copenhagen movie poster

This is the story of an American boy who travels to Copenhagen to look for his grandfather, but while there he meets a girl who is a couple of years younger than him.  Of course, she helps him along the way and the drama that unfolds is easily one of the most exciting and romantic I have caught in a while. The music on this soundtrack is just wonderful. And, of course, you'll want to go grab your bike and go for a long ride afterward.


Tame Me Home movie poster
Take me Home 
This is the story of a guy who has recently been evicted from his place and is now working as an unlicensed taxi driver. One night, a woman hails his cab and as it turns out, her life is not going really great as well. She requests to be driven all the way to California and as you can imagine, on the way there the drama of this story is revealed and what you get is an awesome acting duo who also happens to be real-life husband and wife.  Needless to say, you will really enjoy this flick.


Timer movie poster
What if you knew the exact minute when you will meet your soul mate?  Would you wait as long as it takes for that to take place?  Or would you be impulsive and marry somebody else anyway?  This is precisely what this story is about!  I am surprised that it wasn't more popular because this movie was utterly divine! Great characters, great romantic comedy and more importantly a very different approach to love.


The Pill movie poster
The Pill
This is not your typical love story, in fact, it may not even be a love story.  Rather is the tale of evading love, sorta. Anyway, this is about a one night stand that extends due to the fact that the guy wants to make sure the girl he slept with, will take the two doses of the "morning-after pill" Of course when the girl learns this is the only reason he stayed around she gets really upset.  However, it's enough time for both to get to know each other and recognize that maybe there could have been something more. 


Falling Overnight Movie Poster
Falling Overnight *
Unfortunately, this is one of the movies you will no longer find on Netflix, however, this is where I first saw it a while ago and I loved it so much I watched it twice! Is the story of a guy who has a brain tumor. And of course as life will have it, he meets a very interesting girl the night before he checks it for the surgery. If you haven't seen this amazing story you must go, right now!

One Day movie poster
One Day
I must say this was the first film where I first heard Anne Hathaway, speaking with a rather good British accent. The story about a long relationship that spans 20 years between Emma and Dexter, who are always a little bit more than friends, but never really lovers, is impressive and compellingly depicted. Watch this movie with your girlfriends or even your guy! 

Stuck in love movie poster
Stuck In Love
This is a great film that follows the life of the Borgen family for a whole year. It definitely has its flaws, but the acting here makes up for it. And yes, this one has a few well-known stars like Jennifer Connely, Lily Collins and surprisingly the awesome Nat Wolf, who is to appear in the upcoming film Paper Towns.

Barefoot movie poster
This is the crazy story about a guy who works as a janitor in a mental institution. There he meets Daisy, one of the patients, who he later brings to his brother's wedding to pose as his girlfriend. The story is fun and, of course, there is romance. Definitely a fresh and interesting story that you will hopefully enjoy as well.


Elsa and Fred movie poster
Elsa And Fred
I had already seen this movie in Spanish before. (Set in Argentina)  Nevertheless, I still wanted to see this version and I genuinely enjoyed it. It is the story of an older woman who wants an opportunity to do all the things she didn't get a chance to do while young. And she meets a nice gentleman that immediately falls for her charms and wants to make her dreams come true. Even the craziest ones! 


Last Love movie poster
Last Love
I am planning to do a list of awesome foreign films to watch on Netflix, and I almost saved this movie for that. However, I decided I will include it here since the story was really compelling and beautifully written. And despite being set in France and there being lots of french spoken, the movie is not really classified as international. The one thing I can say about is that I really enjoyed it.  It's the improbable tale about an older American retired teacher that meets a pretty, younger french dance instructor who takes him under her wing as he is battling with depression due to the recent death of his wife. Slow paced at times and a very unexpected turn of events at the end that will probably leave you wanting a little bit     more. 


See Girl Run movie poster
See Girl Run
What if your high school sweetheart was really the one meant for you? We may all have wondered about this at some point, right? Well, this story is a little bit about that. A New Yorker Emmie runs away from a stale marriage and encounters her old boyfriend, Scott, who is now working as a cartoonist with not much success. A little awkward at times and not the ending I was expecting, but still a story that makes you think about all that could have been and wasn't.


waiting for forever movie poster
Waiting For Forever
This was such a great story, I really love letter writing and this movie has lots of it! I think is probably the highlight of the whole story. Will is a basically homeless free-spirit guy who makes a living as a juggler and still has feelings for his childhood love. She is a somewhat successful actress who moved on and it's unaware that he follows her around wherever she travels.  Urged by his friends and family, he finally gets the courage to tell her his feelings, but she doesn't appear to be very happy about his confession. However, later on, the story gets back to their unlikely romance. 


boy meet girls movie poster

Boy Meets Girl 
Incredibly fresh and romantic comedy about a transgender woman named Ricky and her quest for love. Compelling and inspirational, especially related to our times now. You should not miss this movie!

I really hope you get to enjoy this great movies! Let me know in the comments below if you do watch them and of course your impression of them. 
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Netflix Movies Must Watch!
Netflix Movies Must Watch!
Netflix Movies Must Watch!
Netflix Movies Must Watch!
Netflix Movies Must Watch!

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