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Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
Weight loss and fat loss are two terms that seem to be used to mean the same thing, when in fact, they are very different. I personally use both, purely because, saying 'fat loss' can come across as a bit rude to someone (because of the word 'fat') so 'weight loss' is sometimes a bit gentler, but I usually use 'fat loss'.
Weight loss refers to anything of your body that weighs anything. For instance, these 'crash diets' don't just shed some fat, they will also shed water and muscle mass - therefore shedding general 'weight' of your body. Fat loss is when you are eating healthy, training hard, so you are burning fat but maintaining healthy amounts of fluid and keeping (or building) muscle mass. So you are just dropping body fat, which obviously lowers your weight but gives you shape.
To be honest, it does bug me when I see people who go on these crash diets, and say they are losing over a stone a week, because they think its fat that they are losing, when its really not. If you put your body through a harsh 'diet plan', it will almost go into shock and actually keep a certain amount of fat, because it thinks its being starved, so it keeps some fat to use as future energy. Firstly, you cannot keep that kind of diet up for the rest of your life, or even long term, so its completely pointless. Secondly, because your body keeps some of the fat, it will shed the muscle because it doesn't need it all to keep on functioning (hence why you stop weight lifting for a couple of months, you would have lost muscle mass - your body breaks it down).
So you want to be wary of the two terms and how diet/fitness companies use them. The term 'fat loss' is the one you want to stick too. As mentioned above, the crash diets lose 'weight', but is it always the weight you want to lose? no....

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