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Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product Review

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
There are a TON of protein powders, bars, and drinks out there. We all hear and read about the importance of protein for runners and I think we all agree it is indeed important to consume enough protein. However, we may disagree on how much is enough or how we prefer to consume our protein. And that is okay. We are all different and nothing in life is one size fits all.
But I got to confess, I have recently fallen in love with the Designer Whey product line-up. Through being a FitFluential Ambassador I had the opportunity to try Designer Whey and I embraced it. Protein powders are a go-to for my protein needs. I love to mix the powder with water as I leave the gym and drink up on my way to work. It is easy and helps my muscles. I have gone through many brands and some taste better, some mix better, etc. I had no go-to brand. I just bought what was available or on sale.
Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product ReviewI was ecstatic to receive my package from Designer Whey and felt I had won the lottery because I had two flavors of protein powder, two bottles of pre-mixed protein drink, three flavors to Protein 2Go, and three types of bars to put to through the taste and performance test. And I couldn't wait! I delved into the peanut butter bar immediately and loved it! In retrospect, it may have been easier to consume if it wasn't all melted from sitting on my door step for who knows how long but it was delish! The perfect afternoon snack and pre-run fuel for a PM run.
What is my honest opinion about Designer Whey?
Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product ReviewThe pre-mixed protein drinks: They are convenient and I have to say, I liked the vanilla better than the  chocolate, which is ironic for me. I tend to be a chocolate lover for all things but do notice that I am beginning to favor vanilla protein powders. The drinks are good and I would definitely buy for post-race when I am unsure about the ease of adding water to my protein powder but for day to day life, give me the powder! I like to control the flavor and feel it is better for the environment due to less packaging waste.
The protein powder: I tried white chocolate and vanilla and yep, I preferred the vanilla flavor but the white chocolate was still delicious, just different. These powders not only taste good but mix great. Talk about a win-win! So many times I find a good flavor that is clumpy or a weak flavor that mixes well. It is nice to find both qualities in one power with a mere 100 calories and 18 grams of protein. Since I am not looking to bulk up and want to stay at a healthy weight and feed my muscles well, this is perfect for me.
Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product ReviewThe Protein 2Go: The fruity flavors and concept had me worried. Hey, I got to be honest. It just made me think of other water flavors that I tend to stay far away from due to fake sugars. But these had no fake sugars and 10 grams of protein. And for those out there who care about calories, only 50 calories! I like this as I tend to drink water and save calories for food or post-run drinks. Once I broke down and tried one I was amazed. I went for lemonade first and it was absolutely fantastic after painting the kitchen all day. It was refreshing and I didn't mind the extra calories and protein after a hard day's work. And call me crazy but I really did think I got a hint of vanilla flavor after the lemon taste. And surprise! Now I keep a box in my desk at work for afternoon pick-me-up's. Hey, it is only 50 calories so why not?
Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product ReviewThe protein bars: I have already told you how much I loved the peanut butter one and yes, they are even better when not all gooey from being outside in the sunshine. Each flavor I tried was delicious and only 160-170 calories per bar. A great thing for an afternoon snack or to grab to eat on the way to the gym when I am going to push it a bit more for my early morning run.
Did Designer Whey really help me nutritionally with performance and recovery? 
Weighing in on Designer Whey: Product ReviewThis is a tough one because I am one person and can't really perform a true scientific investigation with myself. But what I can say is this is turning to be my best February ever in performance and I have been relying on Designer Whey for the bulk of the month...that is, in addition to my already healthy eating habits of plenty of fruits and vegetables with a side of lean protein. February is a hard month and I had three weeks of training with lower mileage in the 20's. Yes, even upper 20's is in the 20's. I followed this up with wrapping up a super duper training week last week that resulted in 43+ miles. AWESOME! You would think my legs would be killing me but they aren't. How much of that is the Designer Whey and how much of it is the yoga? I can't really tell you but I can tell you this. I am not ruling Designer Whey out!
But would I buy Designer Whey?
If you are on a budget like this running mom, you know yummy and good for you doesn't always result in a purchase. I can't put my personal preference in dietary supplements first if it means it will hurt the family in other ways. Sorry, won't happen. But I can tell you this. You can get a pack of 12 bars for less than $19. A 2-pack of 12 oz protein powder may run you about $22.66 for the vanilla flavor. And the Protein 2Go? It is about $7 for a pack of 5. I can't argue too much with those prices and please note, they were based on an price check a few days ago. I am not promising the price point, just giving you an idea. Oh yeah! And to answer the first question, would I buy this product? YES!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for my computer functioning now so I can back-up some precious pictures. 

Daily Affirmation: I am brave....sometimes most of the time.
Please note: I was provided product free to review. I was not paid to write this post. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

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