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Weekly Mission Update

By Lifeasarunningmom @RunningMom6
Weekly Mission Update
I think it is time to buckle down and get back into reviewing and reflecting on my training on a more regular basis. I have been running by the seat of my pants and as liberating that can be at times, it may not be ideal when you (or I) have greater goals.
On July 27, 2014 I started running for Toby and started a virtual mission to run from Maui to Nebraska (where he lives). Just the other week as I saw myself getting closer to California I felt that it would be fun to share mission updates with him on a weekly basis and today I realized that would tie in beautifully with weekly training reviews on my part that I could share with you!
It is always fun to share my crazy thought process.
I ran 26 miles last week and it wasn't the training week I dreamed of as the Christmas planning, baking, and festivities took more out of me than expected. Add in a crazy menstrual cycle and my long run did not happen. I was just way too weak from way too much blood loss. I should seriously consider being more proactive and start increasing my iron intake in the days leading up that time of the month. Of course, I will run this by my doctor and see what she thinks. All I could say was thank you God that it wasn't race week!
I also stopped structured yoga classes. I know! Schreeechhhhh!! What am I thinking? The thing is, I had slowly been moving away from structured classes to yoga breaks which can now become more of stretch breaks. This all came about through a funny development. I tried some yoga classes on Amazon Prime and some just didn't rest well with me. Then a couple of days later I was listening to a show I love on Immaculate Heart Radio and the host started talking about yoga and potential spiritual risks THEN I stumbled across an article with the same theme. The signs of my life....
I am not saying yoga is bad. In fact, the host pointed out that the yoga we do here in the west is not "true yoga" and agreed yoga can have positive physical benefits but to think that Sun Salutation is to honor the sun god versus just warm up my body in the morning changes my perspective a bit but yes, I will still be doing poses that open up my hips and I would love to master crane! Like I said, many poses are indeed wonderful stretches but I won't be committing myself to x-minutes of yoga practice per day mainly because my life is quite hectic, my marriage has its normal up's and down's, and I need to keep my mind focused on the good in life and not worry if the yoga sequence I am doing is honoring a false god and hindering the spiritual growth path I want to be on. And if I ever find myself with a good dose of free time, I will research this more!

Daily Gratitude: I am thankful for vegan fudge!

Daily Bible Verse: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." ~ Matthew 11:28

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