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Weekend Alone

By Heathernichole
Fall has finally made it's way to Southern California. Leaves are falling and the air is crisp. There was actually ice on my car this morning. I hope it stays this way. My husband was away all weekend for work. I only see him for an hour or two each night normally but it was very odd being home alone at 9pm. We haven't spent a night apart since we were in the middle of moving earlier this year. I didn't like it at all. I woke up several times each night and I had some crazy dreams.  Weekend Alone My co-worker and I went to a planner meet up on Saturday morning. I was in heaven. We have finally found our people. My co-worker and I talk planner stuff all the time at work so it's nice to have come across a local group of ladies who share the same passion as us. They meet once a month and then they try to do a planning night once a month as well. There were five of us there and these are all of our planners. I have fallen in love with the Kikki K planner. I've always been interested in it but seeing it in person makes me want it even more. Weekend Alone We did a white elephant gift exchange and I was #1. I was so worried someone was going to steal my gift but everyone was really nice and I was able to walk away with some really fun items. My gift was from MamaBearsCraftyWorld. She made the stickers, the paper clips and the tassel. I've never been interested in paper clips and tassels for my planner but after seeing them in person, I've changed my mind.  Weekend Alone Below were some of the planner goodies I found the weekend before. I love the makeup bag. I have so many already but I couldn't leave it behind. You can't go wrong with plaid and polka dots. Weekend Alone Saturday was a very active day for me. I stayed extremely busy. Was able to get some Christmas shopping done. I wanted to go to the gym and I went there after dinner, only to realize they close at 6 on Saturdays. Shows how little I make it there on a Saturday evening. Even without making it to the gym I still got in more than 10,000 steps. I was pretty happy about that.  Weekend Alone I was so excited to see my husband on Sunday night. I was getting lonely without him. The good thing is my planner is all ready for Christmas! Weekend Alone
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