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Week 21 Challenge - Big Rocks

By Nadine
This year I decided to challenge myself to reflect on various Yoga and Buddhist aspects throughout the year. The challenges come from a variety of places including readings in Deborah Adele's Yamas and Niyamas and Thich Nhat Hanh's Heart of the Buddha's Teaching and Happiness.
This week's challenge was inspired by some readings in Deborah Adele's book, but also came from another source. If you don't know the Big Rocks story - click here to read it.
I enjoy doing many different things. Take activities, for example. I like to kayak, swim, box, dance, do Yoga (of course), etc. If I took all the activities I like and did them all, I'd only get to each once every few weeks.
And I felt as if my life was heading that way in many different areas. Instead of focusing on the one meditation I really connect with (which is what I recommend to my students), I was trying to fit in all 6 that I teach.
So I spent this week thinking about my Big Rocks. What do I need to fit into my life? The rest is gravy. Sure sometimes I might go swimming, but it's not a big rock for me; it is more of a fun extra.
Some of my Big Rocks? My relationships, teaching, mindfulness meditation, asana practice, studying, spiritual community. It feels good to have wrapped my head around some of my priorities so that I can focus on getting in less things, more often.

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