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Wedding Planner Q&A; – “Why Aren’t Brides Hiring Me?”

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

Wedding Planner Presenting Proposal To Bride

If you’re frustrated because you’re writing a lot of proposals but not winning over many brides, my answer to today’s question may help you.


I have been getting several requests lately from possible clients for information and for quotes for my services. However, after I give them my proposal they never respond or they go to a competitor.

What I am doing wrong?


It sounds like you may be offering a proposal a little too early in your sales process. A lot of brides price shop or they request proposals to try to get ideas for planning their weddings themselves. You need to spend time talking with the brides who contact you and get to know them before you offer them proposals.

Here are 3 things to do to have better success with getting brides to hire you:

1) Market to a specific niche

Have a specific type of bride in mind whom you want as a client and create your marketing to attract her. If you are a wedding planner whose marketing says, “I can plan everyone’s wedding,” everyone will contact you, whether they are serious about hiring you or not. But if you market to a specific niche of brides, you will be weeding out a lot of the brides who are “shopping” because they will see that they don’t meet your criteria.

2) Prequalify brides who contact you

When a bride contacts you, don’t just offer to give her a proposal based on a few random bits of information she offers such as the number of guests, her theme, and the type of venue she wants. You need to meet with her, discover the vision she has for her wedding, determine if you have the expertise to help her, and see if your personalities are a good match.

3) Sell value over price

Once you have had a discussion with your bride, you will understand what she needs and be able to explain to her the value of your services. If she doesn’t see value in what you can do for her, she will not be convinced you are right for her and could well turn to your competitor.

If you have a bride who will not take the time to discuss her wedding with you before you present a proposal, and just seems interested in your price, walk away. If you do get this bride as a client, you will be forever struggling with her demands for cheaper rates and more services.

Even after taking the right steps, you may not win over every bride. There are many factors in a bride’s choice for a wedding planner and you may never find out how she made her final decision.

Concentrate on doing your best for the brides who do hire you. Word of mouth will spread, and soon you’ll have many brides asking for you.

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