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“How Do I Relaunch a Wedding Planning Business?”

By Sharonhill @sharonhill

 Relaunch a Wedding Planning Business

Are you trying to relaunch a wedding planning business after taking a break? My post today offers advice on how to be successful the second time around.


I had a wedding planning business a few years ago and it did pretty well but I had to close it for personal reasons. Now things have changed, I’m still passionate about wedding planning and want to relaunch my business. What do I need to do to get it back up and running?

I’m happy that you’re now able to return to your passion. Here are 7 steps to take to get yourself back into the business you love:

1) Evaluate your former business

You said you did well which means you were doing things right. What were those things? What was your business plan? What types of marketing did you use that helped you attract brides? How did you handle the day-to-day office duties? What made you so unique that brides hired you? Also, what things didn’t work for you that you want to do differently this time around?

2) Get up-to-date on the wedding industry

If you’ve been gone for a while, you’ll need to spend time getting caught up on industry news and trends. Find a wedding and event planner association chapter in your area and make it a point to attend meetings and conferences to learn what’s happening locally and meet industry professionals.

Also, read complimentary digital magazines for professional planners such as Catersource and Special Events, they provide information from top event professionals.

3) Write a new business plan

Using knowledge from your previous time as a wedding planner and the information you’re learning about the industry today, create a plan for a successful relaunch of your business. You may want to consider pursuing a different niche or even using a different business name this time around.

4) Revisit former vendor partners

If you haven’t been away too long, get back in touch with the wedding vendors you worked with in the past. Let them know you’re back in business and eager to work with them again.

5) Reach out to family and friends

Be sure people know you’re relaunching your business and would welcome referrals. However, please don’t spend a lot of money on a relaunch party, wait until you’ve had some successes again before you throw yourself a big celebration.

6) Start, or restart, social media accounts

Of course, you want to be visible online. If you need to brush up on using Facebook and Instagram, Facebook has an eLearning center called Blueprint with courses on how to use them for business. They offer these without charge to encourage you to buy ads but please don’t purchase until you have a clear plan for what you want the ads to do for you.

7) Get your business legal again

Be sure to get a business license and any permits you need to run a professional wedding planning business in your area.

 And if you want help to become a top wedding planner, sign in to get my free special report “7 Steps to Becoming a Top Wedding Planner”.












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