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We Could All Do with the Mindset of an F1 Driver

By Greggers254 @LeeGregory254
We could all do with the mindset of an F1 driverAs mentioned in other posts, I do love formula 1, and I do mention it from time to time within my posts. This time, I want to talk about the mindset of a formula 1 driver and how it can benefit anyone. My examples are going to be Britain's f1 drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and here's why.
Starting with Lewis - The job of a formula 1 driver is extremely stressful, high pressure, requires the highest levels of concentration and dedication. Over the last few years, Lewis has been in the media a fair bit about his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, and he has dealt with it in an admirable way. Sometimes the news has been great, but other times it's been bad to read...
Lewis knows and accepts that he is classed as a 'celebrity' and not just a racing driver. He had to deal with the very public break up with Nicole, and at the same time, having to still do his job as a racing driver. I remember seeing and hearing what Martin Brundle said about Lewis, I can't remember word for word, but he pretty much said that Lewis is the fastest man on the track, and there have been race weekends where he is so happy, excited, relaxed, so pleased to see all his fans and spend time signing autographs - pretty much a man at his peak. But he also said that there have been weekends where Lewis hasn't seemed himself, not as happy, not as relaxed, seemed a bit distant, and that was around the time of the public break up with Nicole. But did that ruin his performances on track? no. Did he drive as good as when he is '100% there'? probably not, but unless you personally know Lewis, I don't think you could have seen a difference in him once he stepped into the car. His mindset is so highly tuned and focused, that he could push aside the emotional struggles he was going through and do the job that he is paid to do. He did actually say in an interview that he has a job to do, he doesn't want to let his team down, his mechanics, all the guys behind the scene, so he goes out there and gives his all.
I don't know if any of you reading this have been through a bad break up, but if you have, I'm sure you weren't yourself - maybe cried at school or work, stayed in bed, stopped going out of the house, being miserable, down, depressed. Well, that shows how strong Lewis's mind is. He managed to still do his job whilst all of that was going on. That is why I have huge respect for Lewis and he is my favorite f1 driver.
We could all do with the mindset of an F1 driverMoving on to Jenson Button. Earlier this year I was completely stunned by the tragic news of his father John passing away. I have watched formula 1 for years, and always loved seeing Jenson and his father at race weekends. Whenever John was interviewed, he came across as such a nice guy, and not someone who just loved being on camera - sometimes he almost gave the impression of 'stop filming me, I'm just a dad, film the drivers'. I obviously don't know Jenson personally (I wish I did!) but even I could see the relationship he had with his father, and to have him suddenly pass away must have been devastating to say the least. A part of me thought 'will Jenson go testing? will he even race this season? I turned out to be wrong. Jenson did go testing, and he is racing, and I'm sure he will dedicate every race, every race victory (oh yes...he WILL win again!) and even a championship to his father (He can definitely win another championship). I remember when I lost my grandad, I didn't react anywhere near as good as Jenson has. I was lost, didn't know what to do, where to go, and that was at a time where I was climbing the ladder in county cricket for Essex. I was never the same again.
Driving a formula 1 car requires huge talent and concentration, and for these two guys who have gone through such difficult times (different experiences, but both emotional to each of them) and still go out there, gear up, hop in one of the fastest cars on this planet, and still do their job, that just shows how unbelievably strong they are. We can all learn something from these two incredible men. We can learn to separate our problems from things that just need to be done in our lives. There is always time for grieving, for being sad, for letting our feelings out, but sometimes you just need to put those feelings on hold, and get a job done.
When Lewis and Jenson were at McLaren, I loved it, two of the best drivers, both British, both fast. I'm sure they are going to kick ass this year and would love to see them having epic battles out on track. All the best to you both!
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