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Warm Winter Day Outfit – Lace Dress and Wedge Boot OOTD

By Amber Johnson @AmberCJohnson

Hey guys! This is going to be my first Outfit Of the Day (OOTD) here on my blog. This outfit is great for those winter days that are abnormally warm, and you feel like getting a little dressed up. I walked around all day in these 5 inch heels, and didn’t feel an ounce of pain! I think target does a great job making comfy wedges.



Here are where everything is from:

 Dress – Rue 21

Fly-Away – Rue 21

Leggings – Old Navy

Wedge Boots – Target

Pea Coat – Old Navy

Belt – Forever 21

Necklace and Ring – Forever 21

Glasses – Walmart

If you cannot view the above video, click here for the tutorial on this look!
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I want everyone to be able to enjoy my videos, so for the hearing impared, this is what I said in the video:
Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you an outfit of the day.
I wore this on a warm winter day to school.
The snow had almost finished melting and the weather was warming up.
I decided to be a little dressy that day because I was performing a poem for a competition.
You can wear this outfit on colder days with the jacket and leggings, or remove those items to wear this on a warmer day.
The earrings I am wearing are silver crosses from Claire’s.
These are my glasses. They’re cute, and they help me see.
I added this robot neclace because it’s cute and has light pink and white stones which match the dress and fly-away.
The centerpiece of the outfit is this lacy dress. The body of the dress is white ruffles, and the top is white lace. It’s feminine and girly and I love it.
I added a brown braided belt for contrast, and to accentuate my waste- it could get lost in all those ruffles!
I added a muted pink fly-away to incorporate some color into the look. Muted pink and white always go together, they’re like best friends, so you can’t go wrong pairing the two colors together.
To keep my legs warm, I added thick black leggings.
I bought these adorable wedge boots the day before, and I had to wear them out! I love these so much and even though they are five inches, they are easy to walk around school in.
This two-finger ring is cute and feminine so it matches the outfit well.
I hope you like this outfit and get inspired to wear something like this. Visit my blog for more pictures of this outfit, and additional blog posts that I don’t make videos about.
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Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video! Bye.


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xoxo Amber C Johnson from Super Beauty Guru <3

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