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How I Dyed My Hair Teal to Blue Ombre

By Amber Johnson @AmberCJohnson

Hey there, my darlings; today I’m showing you how I dyed my hair a TEAL to DARK BLUE ombre! A lot of people have asked me for more hair tutorials and happened to love this color, so it’s a good thing I filmed myself doing it! It took me like a whole day to do this, and four days to edit the footage, so I really hope you like the video and find it helpful!

how to ombre blue hair

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Item List

Here is  list of all of the things you will need to achieve this ombre teal to blue hair color!

-Bleach – Clairol Basic White [Sally's]
-Developer – Salon Care 40 Volume Cream Developer [Sally's]
-Mixing Bowl [Sally's]
-Mixing Brush [Sally's]
-Gloves [anywhere idk Walmart probs]
-Teal Hair Dye – Twisted Teal by ‘N Rage [Sally's]
-Blue Hair Dye – Raven Black by ‘N Rage [Sally's]
-Conditioner – Aussie Triple Nutrition Deep Conditioner [CVS]


Here are all the things you need to do to get this look. For every single detail and tips, watch the video. It took forever to make because I wanted it to be as informative as possible. Here is the stripped-down version of the process!

1. Put on a crappy shirt that you don’t mind ruining, and bleach your hair. (I bleached my roots because I already had dark blue in, but the roots had grown in. I did this ombre starting with blue hair, but if you’re starting from a different color, then bleach your entire head, not just your roots!)

This is what my roots looked like before I bleached them:

Hair roots

grown hair roots

This is what they looked like with the bleach in:

bleaching roots

bleaching my hair roots

I left the bleach on for about 30 minutes. To see my blog post and video with more detailed information about bleaching hair, click here! This is what my hair looked like after only one bleaching:

bleaching hair roots

2. Wash out the bleach and once your hair is dry, bleach it again if it isn’t light enough.

bleaching roots second time

bleaching roots round two

second time bleaching roots

So this is what my hair looked like after I bleached it and washed out the bleach for the second time. This is light enough for what I’m doing today, but if I was going pastel, I’d have to have a lighter base color, and probably tone the yellowness out, but it’s fine for the teal color.

3. Add the teal to the top half of your hair, and feather it a slight bit lower than that so it will blend with the blue. I used Twisted Teal by ‘N Rage.

4. Mix your Raven Black hair dye by ‘N Rage with 60% conditioner (40% of your mixture should be the dye) to bring out this “black” color’s blue undertones. If you want to try a different blue, then go for it! This is just how I did it. I know the color it ends up looking like, plus it’s cheaper to use a more intense dye and dilute it with conditioner than it is to buy a dye that you have to use more of because it is closer to the intensity of color that you want. (Just sayin’, I love savin monayy haha)

No matter how you decide to get your darker blue, use that and apply it to the bottom half of your hair. Blend this color with the teal in the middle of your hair and try to make it a seamless gradient by mixing and overlapping the two colors where they meet at the midpoint.

5. Let the dye stay in your hair for however long you want. I say an hour plus, but it can be however long you want because these semi permenant dyes are vegetable based so they don’t damage your hair if you leave them in.

6. Rinse out your dye, wash your hair, and condition! Don’t forget to keep your hair moisturized because bleached hair is always dry and needs the moisture! That’s all ya gotta do and you should have fabulous hair now! Oh, and if you ever use this tutorial or do something cool with your hair, you absolutely HAVE to tweet me a picture and show me how it turned out!!

Hope everything goes well for you and good luck! xoxo

photo gallery

Here are more photos of my finished teal to blue ombre hair! Tell me what you think about this in the comments and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!

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