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Varkala Beach

By Vishnudas
Varkala Beach Kerala tourism thrives with so many alluring and charismatic beaches. Among those many
, Varkala beach also known by the name Papanasam beach is quite popular and famous among tourists. The world “Papanasam” means wash away the sins. 

Varkala is unique among all the beaches as it offers charming appeal and the cliffs are found adjacent to the Arabian Sea. The cliffs are tertiary sedimentary formation and are unique geographical features that it is known among the geologist as Varkala Formation. The beauties of the cliffs are simply irresistible that enhance the charm and beauty of Varkala by leaps and bounds. 

Varkala is delightfully situated in South Kerala at the North End border of the capital city Trivandrum somewhat at a distance of 51kms. The long silvery stretch of the secluded beach is an outstanding beach destination in Kerala, throng by the tourists by a quite huge number of tourists from all over the world. The rocky outcliff, mineral spring and the healthy environs, let visitors enjoy memorable time along the serene shore of the beach with excitement and amusement. 

Myth associated with Varkala 

Varkala is also a holy pilgrimage destination of Hindu as well as a resting place of Sree Narayan Guru, a great philosopher and a social reformer of Kerala. The myth related to the beach is that, Saga Narada was approached by quite a few group of mendicants, who confessed to the Saga of having sinned. 

Narmada then threw his valkkalam (a bark of a tree, mytical used by the Saga to wear) in the air and the bark where is got landed was named as Varkala. Narada asked the Mendicants to offer prayer for redemption at the newly created land. Since then the shore came to known as Varkala meaning Redemption of Sin. 

Beach Activities in Varkala

Varkala beach offer quite a lot of water sports and activities to enjoy. Swimming, surfing, sailing, parasailing, scuba diving and motor boating etc are popular water sports familiar at Varkala. One can also try volley ball with friends and families on the gleaming soft sands of the Varkala beach. 

Tourist Attractions near Varkala Beach 

Varkala is not only popular for its charming and alluring sea shore, but there are a quite few amazing tourist attractions like Sree Janardhana Swamy Temple, Mineral Water Springs and the Vishu Temple that make the trip to Varkala more enjoyable and memorable. 

How to Get There

Varkala is well connected by the well-knit transportation system, easily accessible by Airways, roadways and railways. 

By Air

It is one of the easiest and convenient means to access to Varkala. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 46 kms. 

By Rail

Rail is the easiest means to access to Varkala. The railhead is located just 3 kms from the beach. 

By Road
Drive to Varkala is a fun-filled event. The well linked roadways from all the major tourists destination of Kerala with Varkala makes it very much easier to access this beach destination. This tranquil beach destination is located 54 kms from Trivandrum while 37 kms from Kollam.

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