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By Vishnudas
In today’s day and age, the institution of religion is one of the most misunderstood and Id-ul-Fitr

misinterpreted. The ones at the powerful positions of religion often misuse the power that they wield and use it to manipulate people who blindly follow. They do such things so that they can gain for their own benefits, mostly monetary and fanatic. 

And at such a time it is important that people are awakened to a greater truth, one that all religion is founded upon and that is love, forgiveness and hope. Whether it is Islam or Christianity or Hinduism or Buddhism or anything else, it is founded upon principles which encourage to let go of our narrow minded tendencies and to embrace humanity for the progress of mankind. 

Islam is an interesting religion, one that is of course grossly misunderstood in the world, especially in the western world in these days of terrorism and insurgency. Islamophobia is rampant and it is only important that we talk about some of the significant tenets that guide the religion of Islam. And of course, the festivals of Islam are just as interesting and ceremonious.

Some of the important characteristics of Id Ul Fitr are as follows. They take good care of their cleanliness which means taking a bath early in the morning so that they can wash away the sins from yesterday. Then, the men use a bit of perfume to commemorate the event. In addition to this they all break the fast by eating breakfast in the morning.

 It is expected that all of them are well dressed which means that it doesn’t matter whether they are old or new, they must be good clothes. Then after this, they would have to bow down to God in prayer. In general, Muslims are expected to pray five times in a day. But the liberals opine that it’s enough to pray fewer than that as long as you pray from the heart, which is something that makes just as much sense.

Id Ul Fitr is celebrated at the first day of Shaw'waal, which is the end of Ramadan. According to the Islamic calendar, that is the tenth month of the year, it is one of the most auspicious times in the life a Muslim. It is day when people must give thanks to Allah for all of the many blessings that he has bestowed upon them and their families. It is a day that is celebrated with much joy and love. 

People believe that it is that time of year that they are supposed to be grateful for the strength that have to endure the struggles of life, the blessings that they have such as that of a good family, good health, wealth and prosperity. They show their respect, their solidarity, their faith and their love by fasting for one whole month. 

This month is also known as Ramadan which is also popularly known as Ramzan. Any devout Muslim knows for a fact that they are supposed to lead a much disciplined life especially during the month of Ramzan.

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