Sharing informative information regarding natural healing, aromatherapy, herbal recipes, healing stones and the like...

....I also design one-of-a-kind jewelry using natural stones for healing and positive energy. you can see some of my creations on my blog and/or go to my shop at



  • Natural Wonders

    Provide information regarding herbs, aromatherapy, natural healing, recipes, healing stones and the like.

    I have this blog as a way to share the love of herbs and oils and natural healing; my main activity is designing and selling jewelry made with healing, natural stones.

    Stones hold tremendous amounts of energy; including the energy (positive or negative) of the person that made the jewelry your stones are set in. For this reason, I only make jewelry when I am in a peaceful mood, and no stress surrounds me.

    All my jewelry is made in a smoke free home.

    The way I come up with my prices is this; I calculate the total cost to make the item and list it and then I give myself an hourly wage of $10.50. I strive to make my creations affordable with the same quality and distinction of higher priced store-bought items.

    All my creations are one-of-kind, so unlike machine "mass" produced jewelry, you can be confident your design is unique and fresh!

    I welcome custom orders!

    Once you become a customer, you are considered a Preffered Customer, and will receive 10% off each future order, no minimum! Shipping is always free!