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Why Crystals Are More Than Just Rocks

By Slherrmann
Hello all.....Why Crystals Are More Than Just RocksWe've all heard that crystals are healing....some of us believe this without a doubt, but do we really know how? I came about this knowledge of how they work and I am thrilled to share this incredible insight into the what makes crystals powerful and healing, with you......
Crystal Are More Than Just Rocks
Why Crystals Are More Than Just RocksCrystals are alive and conscious. Looking at the periodic table of the elements; carbon is the sixth element, which is associated with ll organic chemistry and everything that is normally considered to be alive. But directly below it, one octave below, is the element of silicon, the primary element of quartz crystal and 80% of the Earth's crust.
In the 50's, scientist discovered that silicon and carbon displayed the same exact principles of life. Carbon and Silicone are the only two elements known that create life.
Science has found life-forms deep in the ocean that are alive, conscious, and reproductive, whose bodies are made up of 100% silicon, with no carbon whatsoever.
Why Crystals Are More Than Just RocksUnderstand, crystals are aware of far more than what we humans give them credit for. Marcel Vogel, a world-renowned scientist who holds over 200 patents, including one for the floppy disk, discovered that crystals are able to receive and send both human thoughts and emotions.  It makes since when you realize that the first radio in the world was a "crystal set". You simply placed a quartz crystal on a table, touched a wire to the crystal somewhere on it and you could hear the radio signal through the speakers. The crystal was picking up the electromagnetic signal in the radio band of frequencies.
Both human thoughts are also found in the electromagnetic range of frequencies. Thoughts are very very long wavelengths compared to radio waves, but except for the length of their wavelengths, they are exactly the same. So why wouldn't a crystal be able to pick up your thoughts?
Why Crystals Are More Than Just RocksComputers are nothing but crystals, and without crystals, computers would not exist. it is the living nature of a crystal that allows computers to do what they do. Natural crystals can hold a 'program', which means a thought pattern, and continue to replay that thought pattern for eternity unless someone erases the program. A properly programmed crystal can change and influence vast area in the human world.
This is why a crystal is much more than just a rock.
Why Crystals Are More Than Just Rocks

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