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Celtic Anamchara Ritual For Best Friends To Strengthen Their Bond

By Slherrmann
Celtic Anamchara Ritual For Best Friends To Strengthen Their BondTop 'o the morning to you all!
I wanted to do something different today, something you would really enjoy; I racked my brain for a few minutes when I happen to see out my window two girls that were obviously bff's, and that's when it hit me!
In ancient Britain, the Celtic people practiced a ritual they called "Anamchara", formalizing friendships in the same way that marriage rituals formalize the bond between lovers.......So grab your bff and get ready to bond souls!
History Of Anamchara Ritual
Celtic Anamchara Ritual For Best Friends To Strengthen Their BondLike the Native Americans who perform blood-brother rituals, the Celts of ancient Britain often formalized their friendship bonds through a ritual known as Anamchara (pronounced ahn-im-Kar-uh). This translates as "soul friend". Soul friends are partners and equals who discuss problems and share advice. They balance out each others strengths and weaknesses and feel able to share everything with one another.
By performing the Anamchara ritual you outwardly formalize your inner feelings for your friend, deepening spiritual and emotional connections that already exist. A soul friend is not a crutch , however. Rather than bearing all your burdens, she shares them so that your load is lightened. she will lend a shoulder to cry on, but remember-your friend needs you as often as you need her.
Anamchara originated in ancient Ireland, where Druids function as Anamcharas to Pagan Celtic chieftains. Later, Christian saints took over this spiritual role and provided similar guidance. The ritual bonding was especially popular in early Irish monasteries.
  • You should consider what is involved when you ask someone to be your soul Friend. Like marriage, this union should be a relationship that will last through this lifetime and beyond.

  • Many people get nervous about ritual commitments and cancel at the last minute. This only shows that your potential soul friend is taking her/his obligation seriously.

Your Anamchara Bonding Ritual
Tools Needed

Three Candles & Holders~To represent both of you and your union. The colors should have a theme of unity, for example, if your individual candles are blue and red, violet is a good color to choose for the unity candle
Three Cups Or Glasses~One large and two small
A Gift~For your soul friend. This should remain a secret until is is presented
An Alter Cloth Or Floor Covering~Optional; though it can add to the over-all ambiance
A Box Of Tissues~This ritual can be very emotional
1. Draw A Magic Circle~Gather all your items and take them to the place you have chosen for your ritual. Place the items on the ground (using the floor covering if you wish) between you and your intended soul friend, and fill the two small cups with a drink of your choice. Draw a magic circle around yourselves es, sharing the duty equally. Sit down near the middle of the circle, facing each other.
2. Unity Chalice~Each of you in turn should sip from a small cup and then pass to the other to sip. Pour the remaining contents into the larger cup and state your friendship intentions aloud:
"I am your friendI am your teacherI am your studentI am your dependantI am your solaceI am your shieldI am your child, sister and mother"
Each of you then takes a drink from the filled unity chalice.
3. Light Your Candles~Now take a match and each light the candle that represents you. The unlit candle that sits between you represents your unity and the potential of two spirits on the same journey, each supporting the other. Join the flames of your individual candles to light the wick of the center one. Make a unison statement at this point, such as:
"By this ritual I am bound to you as your friend of the soul-your Anamchara. See our flames shine brightly, burning hotter and stronger together then they can separately."
"All my wisdom and all my secrets I share with you for as long as this life endures. Until we meet in the next life, so mote it be."
Trust that at this moment your emotions will be running very high, which is why you have that box of tissues nearby!
4. Exchange Gifts~Present to each other the gift or token you have brought to seal the ritual. A piece of Celtic Jewelry would be appropriate, as are magical crystals. When you have exchanged gifts, set all your other materials aside, leaving only the unity candle burning between you and your soul friend.
When both of you feel ready, extinguish (please use a snuffer or your fingers as blowing a flame out is disrespectful to the fire gods) the unity candle and close the circle. Lastly, take the liquid from your unity chalice outside and, together, pour it onto the ground as an offering to the Gaia, the Earth Mother. As you do this, visualize your joined spirits becoming a part of the Great Mother from whom you came.
Celtic Anamchara Ritual For Best Friends To Strengthen Their Bond

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