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    Yes, you did end up here because you have an urge to think of the thing you never thought you would think of. (In case you later on have to enlighten yourself on reasons to come back.) I seem to produce a certain form of questions from my big bubble of a mindset, which I have now decided to share with you. I will talk about the pink elephant in the room that everyone refuses to mention. Growing up, I rocked the farmer life in with a family of five and being given the freedom of a white pony, space and air might have been the actual root of these random oral splat outs. (who knows?) The smirk smile on my face is an everlasting struggle to wipe off; I do certainly hope it stays there.

    I have never drunken a cup of coffee; however, I have drunken a liter of Fanta without peeing. The honey badger is to me the king of the jungle, I still love Hanson, and apparently I tend to buy stuff that disappear. The worst thing that could happen to me is losing my memory. (i’ve got a golden stash of jolly moments there) I’m Danish – yes, just like the pastry, I did though, relocate myself to London last year. Your following glorious visits here will undergo awesome pieces of my randomness. That’s how I roll. Yes, I let the cat out of the bag.