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Do a Whales Ears Pop?

By Piecesofmyrandomness @NannaPaskesen


I’ve got a stream of random questions bashing through my head on a daily basis. Sometimes my brain activity sums up what people felt after Lady Gaga showed off her meatdress. Desperate for answers, and slighty confused. When is a question too ‘out there’ to verbalize officially, and avoiding the event of people reacting with a face like biting into the worlds last twinkie? What I’m going for is a more curious reaction like when people think they smell a fart. So here’s a question, that I decided, needs to be smothered with attention.  When whales are transported in airplanes, do their ears also pop like ours do? Expanding the question in my bubble of a brainset I came to study this in further detail. If a whales ears are built like a humans, would’nt they tense up with throbbing pain like we do when we dive in the deep? It would be quite inconvienient for a whale if this is true. I wonder if anyone ever dived and saw a whale move like a retarded sea giant because their ears are in constant pain, or are they in fact immune? And what about if you put a whale in the air? What happens to their ears? I just don’t get it.


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