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Screw You, Level Three Inception Alarm.

By Piecesofmyrandomness @NannaPaskesen

Screw you, level three inception alarm.

Finding the right alarm tone might seem as simple as figuring out who’s gonna die in the next film starring Sean Bean. But this issue of alarm tones has turned my mornings into a mission more complicated than finding out who really did let the dogs out , I am though, extremely persistent to succeed in finding the right one. My troubled position concerns around a tone similar to the backing sounds of a film scene where a character is doing something sneaky. Kind of like  the Alton Tower’s theme tune. (click me, I will make sense of her ramblings) I’ve had this waking me up for as long as the time since someone said ‘Hey, let’s walk our Dinosaurs to the other end of the earth’. I have thought about changing it, but changing your alarm tone always succumbs to the force of bad timing. I set my alarm just before I crawl under the comfort of a thousand feathers, (cause that’s the only time where I remind myself I have to change it). But since I have been addicted to either Prison Break, Heroes or Lost for the last ten months, my bedtime has been pushed slightly further to the dark side. So when I’m there in the peak time of a stray cat’s meow just remembering that I wanted to change my alarm, everyone else is asleep! Which corrupts my intention of going through my IPhone’s alarm tunes library to pick a new tone. Also because it would wake up Leonardo DiCaprio in a third level inception dream from miles away. So I turn to the snuggles anyway, fearing the consequences of my idiot alarm in the morning. The curse of this particular alarm is that its beginning tunes are too low, so it sneaks into my dreams. Like a ninja. This event turns in to me Snorlax-ing away, while dreaming about me finding it impossible to turn my alarm off. In my dream, I hear my alarm going off and off, but either I can’t find it, or press the right buttons to stop from playing on loop. It totally dis-shapes my positive aura when I wake up. Wonder if this is something DiCaprio struggles with as well? Holla me, Leo if you read this.

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