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How to Not Get Bored When You Have Nothing to Do

By Piecesofmyrandomness @NannaPaskesen


When it strikes you that you are running late, or you forgot to do something you now have less time to do, a certain sense of exhilarated heart pounding joins in on the particular crassness of the moment where you feel disappointed in yourself. I get the same effect when I have absolutely nothing to do, and after losing hope of finding a ‘grumpy cat meme’ I haven’t seen, I simply just collide with the air as a boring piece of human. And that’s when I start thinking about how giraffes throw up and if humans can grow hair on the insides. However, my boyfriend and I have come up with more productive ideas of how to release yourself from this kind of limbo. We simply make our own games, and end up having a surprisingly amount of fun compared to the simplicity of the actual game.

Paraletic Elbows Game
The basis of this game is to confront your senses. Like Peter Parker in the situation of finding out if he’s just a late bloomer in the area of masculinity, or if he actually does possess the abilities of a spider. I hope everyone has gone through that moment where you find out you don’t have any feeling in your elbow skin/fat. So here it goes. The rules are as simple as predicting Chewbacca’s answers in a Q&A interview; one person closes his/her eyes, while sticking out an elbow. The other person now has to complete several licks on the other competetent’s paralyzed elbow area without being notified of the licking. Like a ninja. The one who can complete this act for longest has won.

Best Pretending Deer Game
The idea for this game evolved from my deep core of randomness, which is a deluded grounding where weird ideas come up without any inspiration at all, simply just the sudden wanting of doing it. One partner has to sit back with an open mouth, while the other will ‘deer’ him/her. When you position your mouth just right, with the right amount of air contained behind a rounded pair of lips, you can make the other person make a loud deer call, by sucking the air out of him/her. A successful deer call would sound like this:

The one who can complete the loudest deer growl has won.

So please try this at home, and you will find yourself in a complete giggle sphere.

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