I’m Helly (otherwise known as Helena) and I’m on a wondrously exciting and greedy mission to fill my belly. And then share said full belly with you to make lots of full bellies.

I have recently graduated from university and am looking for the next big challenge. I have worked in catering for several years, and have cooked professionally on-and-off while at university. I love all food and am always willing to give anything a try, something which has sometimes got me into sticky situations – sheep eyeball anyone?

Most of all I love to bake – gooey, sticky, chocolatey, buttery, light, fluffy, melty, fruity, creamy, silky, crunchy, saucy things; cakes and biscuits, puddings and pies, all sort of drool-inducing goodies to make life that little bit sweeter.

However, not every meal can be cake (if only!). On this blog, I will tell all of my culinary adventures, experiments, successes and failures, and anything else that crops up along the way.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I will!