I’m Faya, a Swedish personal trainer and fitness blogger based in London’s West End. I started Fitness On Toast in January 2013, initially as an honest place to share healthy recipes, offer nutritional tips, write informative workout posts, and discuss ‘fitness fashion’. I’d never blogged before, and it was just intended for my clients at the start, but then I got a little carried away and quickly found that I loved writing! This is now my way of sharing the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as a personal trainer with people like you, who are just as passionate and enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle!

I want to offer new motivational training ideas and tips to fuel your body with nutritious and unusual recipes, both before and after the workout! I think people have an increasing thirst for the knowledge part – mental training to complement the physical regime. Gym goers want to know what they are doing and why, and the same goes for eating well. With that in mind, my blog posts are structured to be really easy to digest, for any level of experience.

A lot of fitness advice sites seem to have an agenda to sell you something before you’ve even gone for your morning jog; I get it, that’s the nature if the industry, but I wanted Fitness On Toast to be an unbiased, honest, organic free-range view on ‘fitness, nutrition and fashion’, in a single, friendly and accessible place. I still think it’s unique for that. Also, I aim for high quality and original images, thanks to my great photographer!

In case you’re wondering about the name, I chose Fitness On Toast after moving to London from Sweden, and discovering (through reading clients food diaries) just how many meals are served on toast over here! Cheese, marmite, tuna, eggs, beans on toast… I thought I’d offer some fitness on toast instead :)

Enjoy, and always feel free to get in touch with questions!