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10 Autumn ‘healthy Getaway’ Essentials!

By Fitnessontoast @fitnessontoast


The summer may be well and truly kaput, yet your travel aspirations invariably live on… The deluge of the past week has unquestionably marked the seasonal transition to Autumn, and whilst we weren’t exactly traveling abroad en-mass over the summer, the ‘Blighty staycation’ certainly came in handy as a welcome relief from cabin fever. Whilst I have around 8 more weeks until my little one bids a hello to the big wide world, I will try to punctuate the weekends with a few more mini countryside/coastal getaways. Given my size as a heavily pregnant woman, the items filling my getaway bag look altogether different to my usual Active Escapes! This post shows 10 key essential items I pop in the bag when I’m after a wellbeing escape to some wonderful part of the country, as you might be considering this ‘fall’! Read on, dear reader…

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Fitness Essentials:

i) KEEPING TRACK: Apple Watch Series 6 to track my health stats. The data I want to record and check out daily is my calorie burn, number of steps, number of flights climbed, heart rate range, average and peak, blood oxygen levels… and how my ‘Shared’ competition fared for the day! I find a little step-based oneupmanship can be quite motivating when I’m thinking of stopping!

ii) THE KIT: Lululemon Align leggings and yoga mat – not only does this enable your practice anywhere, but it also turns out to be the perfect beach blanket on which to lie for pebbled, British beaches – so if you’re planning a coastal Autumn escape, this is a bag essential.

iii) SOMETHING IS AFOOT: Adidas Trainers …in hindsight, white may not be the most practical color given the resurgent mud, but it’s nothing a good wash won’t clear up :). The Boost midsole remains the most comfortable thing underfoot to my mind, and oh the silhouette looks so crisp.

iv) NOW LISTEN HEAR: AirPods Pro – these are crucial to keep the mind exercised; silently imbibing the distilled wisdom of the podcast literati is the best way to pass long walks. To complement this, I keep a fully charged Anker powercore bank in my bag too, as i never want to be caught out on a day out after heavy technology use!

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Blogger & Beauty Essentials?

v) SNAP! An awesome camera – I used my Apple iPhone 11 Pro to capture this breathtaking landscape (see images below!) and I’m getting closer to not requiring a hulking professional camera body!

vi) SMELL DIVINE: One of my favorite women’s perfumes the delicious smelling Flora from Gucci – the scent of a fragrance can be both comforting and transportive at the same time, and this has always been a staple travel scent for me, full of subtle romance and energy. A cute little 30ml ‘voyager bottle’ is always to be found in my travel bag!

vii) RE-GLAM: Hair Essential – long country walks, or salty coastal air tend to take a toll on my hair. I always pack a bottle of my favorite Kerastase Elixir Oil spray to replenish and nourish through the day, with a wide-toothed comb to help evenly distribute it.

viii) SHOW SOME TEETH! Nothing ruins a care-free day out in the rolling hills like the paranoia of an un-removable piece of spinach wrapped in-between the teeth. It remains something I am hyper-attuned to, and as such, I never go anywhere without at least 5 floss picks in my bag.

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ix) DRINK UP: Icy water in my ‘Stay Hot Keep Cold‘ Bottle (28-degree heat required some serious hydration)

x) OMNOMNOM: A heart-healthy assortment of Nuts packed with protein and good fats from Graze. Awesome energy to draw upon throughout my hike.

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All photos shot at Coworth Park, which I reviewed HERE.



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