I'm a young atheist, humanist, rationalist and empiricist; blogging for fun (and writing experience).

I enjoy reading up on current science and reason affairs, and this blog will be a way for me to input to the vast wealth of information and opinion available on my favourite subjects and their many branches.

Most of the time I would like to seriously argue a point, but you may find some of this to be light-hearted - even bordering on funny. A nice even mix of "writing like a Guardian columnist" (directly quoted from an English teacher) and sincere point of view is what you should expect.

I aim to write regularly - at the very (very) least once a week, likely on Fridays/Saturdays.

Carnun :P


  • The Ramblings of a Young Atheist

    Weekly musings on school and life in general from the perspective of a self-identifying young rationalist, humanist and free-thinker.