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Time Dilemmas

By Carnun @Carnunmp
Time Dilemmas

I wish mine were ‘multiple choice’… *grumble*

I have some potentially devastating news for you guys. Ready the tissues.

Now, as many of you already know, I am a student. If this is a shock, the clue’s in the blog title, so get over it. I called this ‘The Ramblings of a Young Atheist’ for a reason – and like so many other young’uns in the UK, I am about to start a month of GCSE exams.

And along with it, a month of relatively solid revision. Which is where this story gets sad.

Revision requires time, and a lot of it too… Unfortunately, blogging does as well (if you’re as much of a proof-reading pedant as I). So something has to give.

Now, before you go off thinking I’m going to neglect this space, hear me out. I won’t stop writing, I’ll just have to do it when I have ‘free time’. This could mean one of two things:

  1. I miss an entire week every so often.
  2. I post at irregular intervals when I remember to.

(Well, more irregular intervals than now anyway.)

However, on the upside, if this whole ‘school’ thing goes to plan, results day will be fun. No offense but, at this moment in time, grades are a slightly more important endeavour than periodically entertaining/infuriating strangers on the internet… So wish me luck (not that it helps).

Or pray for me (because that works, apparently).

As always,




Oh, and P.S: it’s entirely possible that next year, once I get to college, I’ll be involved with/running a student Humanist group there – so you can all look forward to that-inspired posts after this shit-storm.

Edit: I meant to schedule that for tomorrow… Whoops.

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