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Blog Update: Sorry

By Carnun @Carnunmp

Blog Update: Sorry

As you may have noticed, I’ve been posting less and less frequently over the past few months. Weeks here and there have been missed, and without too much explanation… So here’s that, I hope.


Blogging is, and always will be, a hobby. I started it, in the very first place, to ‘unashamedly gain writing experience’ and attempt to ignite interesting conversation online; goals I’d like to think have been largely toyed with (as they are, of course, ongoing).

And as things stand now, this hobby often finds itself competing for precious time against other significant educational, extra-curricular, or social commitments, and so regrettably routinely becomes the obvious activity to have to ignore. Why? Because when keeping it up becomes about stressfully juggling so many to-dos, it stops being fun – and it really should be.

So, as I’m sure I have already, I apologize for all past and future unreliability. Posts will most certainly, from this point forward (and for the foreseeable future), be erratic; but they will not disappear.

Just… Bear with me.

(I put up with you lot.)




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