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Radio Silence

By Carnun @Carnunmp

Radio Silence

Oh boy. I seem to have once again contracted “writer’s diarrhoea”. (And it’s so much worse than “writer’s block”.)

All day, I’ve been trying to write in preparation for what’s to come, but it’s futile. I’ve started and half-finished three, maybe four posts, all to no avail. None are good enough, at this stage, to schedule – and I’m running out of time.

I had a plan. Before leaving my half-decent internet access behind and going away – I promised myself -  I’d spend time creating a backlog of posts so as to be able to effortlessly keep up with my usual Friday rambling slot from the comfort of the little holiday destination I’ll reach tomorrow.

It didn’t work.

And, as a result, I’ll very likely miss next week’s blog-posting: so this promptly written mess serves as both a warning and an up-front, in-advance apology. Sorry.

Better pack, I guess. Leaving tonight.




[Edit: Maybe I should do a 'best of' post to lazily fill the real-content gap... (Joke.)]

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