• Calico Tales

    My name is Anita Schuler. I'm a 100% Hungarian rockin' roll momma with one full-of-life boy named Sebastian. Married the love of my life this past May 2011. I'm originally from the Northwest but now living the sweet life on the third floor of a victorian house in Philadelphia. I've created a life for myself all on my own. Surrounding myself with positive whole-hearted people and doing whatever makes me happy!
    Other than being a housewife & mother my everyday is divided up into making lattes & serving people their liquid crack, creating lovely things around the apartment, trying not to hyperventilate when the living room turns into a jungle in the blink of an eye, cooking up artwork in my shoe box kitchen and daydreaming of the future.

    Things that make me do-a-little-jig happy include photography-- with my Canon, cooking & baking up new and exciting goodies, seeing my son flourish & grow, traveling back home to see my family & friends, a nice hot cup of tea or a soy latte if I'm at work. I'm a lover of all things vampire (judge if you must). I think Glee is the best show ever made & let's not forget True Blood. I dream of staying home with a house full of DIY things and with happy kids running around. I love everything that motherhood has brought me and can't wait for what it still brings

    My blog is a documentation of my adventures and my creative outlet. My sole purpose is to inspire others!