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Useful Tips to Get Rid of the Potbelly

By Moamen Enoo
Many people who practice on Insanity Workout Calendar for two hours a day they suffer from having obesity or potbelly and they couldn't get rid of it, so they must maintain on the use of 4 steps or tips that help you to get rid of the potbelly forever.
Insanity Workout Calendar
1- Doing exercises in different periods: For example, when running for an hour at a moderate pace after a while the body will becomes accustomed to this kind of exercise, and with monitoring the evolution of the body we note that the process of burning fat and calories were not as great as it was. Therefore, it is better to run fast for a period of time then a slow speed a little and then taking a break. And, then you return to the great speed and so on, which is more effective way of regular cardio.
2- Maintain chewing the food well:
This method is simple but very effective because when you chew food well and you eat slowly it helps the stomach functioning digesting the food faster and in more smoothly.
Studies have proven that the previous ways helps the person to feel full after eating less food while eating quickly will not feel full and you are going to eat a larger amount even larger than you really need. These extra calories will be stored in the body in the form of potbelly and other places.
3- Do not go to sleep after eating directly:
When a person eats and then goes to sleep directly the digesting procedure goes on slowly inside one's stomach thus there will be Xarat burn to calories for this meal. So you should stay away from sleeping immediately after eating.
4- Start your day with breakfast:
Recent studies have proven that the breakfast meal is very importance and has great benefits to your physical and mental health, such as providing the body with essential foodstuffs and burn calories and revive the senses and the sense of comfort and calm.
That's It , You Must be maintained insanity workout calendar and health maintenance

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