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Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner: Radium

By Kittyfairy @KittyFairy
When it comes to make up, I have two things that I always get a little bit excited about:
1. Urban Decay (my absolute luxury brand, that I really have to save up to buy)
2. Eyeliners (if I had to live the rest of my life with only one make up, I would always choose eyeliner. If I was only allowed one beauty product, well that might be a little bit more difficult, because then lip balm would also a strong contender!!)
So, if you throw both of these things together, and add a dash of the words "Blog" and "Sale". Well, you just know that I have found something to get really ecstatic about. Cheap Urban Decay eyeliner?? No. Cheap Urban Decay LIQUID eyeliner, oooooh yes please! I understand this makes me sound uber, uber sad but I've never owned a liquid eyeliner by Urban Decay before!!
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner: Radium
Colour: There were actually three (I believe) eyeliners available in the blog sale, run by Cosmetic Candy, and I decided to just pick one colour, in the off chance that I didn't like it, therefore I didn't really want to waste my money. So, I decided to pick Radium, which as you can tell is a very vibrant blue colour.
I actually love this colour, as I'm all for making a statement with bold eyeliners (used wisely!!) and as a stand alone (as in without any eyeshadow), this liner is GORGEOUS, and oh yes, the shouting really was necessary!
Packaging: The bottle for this, especially the lid, is very Urban Decay: Sleek and Sexy. Just like the Primer Potion bottle!
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner: Radium
But, I kind of wish it was that little bit more curvy. As far as eyeliner bottles go though, you definitely have to admit that this one is completely different to 99% of other eyeliners. It's quirky and I like it.
Brush: The brush is the one thing that I really hate about this product.
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner: Radium
I just thought that the brush was far too big, which I guess is great for really dramatic looks, but I think it makes it a little harder to tone down the colour, for daytime looks. I also found that the brush got a bit messy, and seemed to clump up at times.
Fortunately, you only really need one sweep of the brush to create a "wow" look, which makes a change, as some brands you have to do several layers to get that effect, if you want it rather than a discrete line.
Would I buy more? I actually did go back and have a browse to see if the other colours were available, but by the time I'd gotten there they had gone. So, yes, given the opportunity I most certainly would buy more :)
Final Note: I know that recently some people have been questioning whether it is right or wrong to review products that you've bought in a blog sale, and I've said this before, and I just want to repeat my stance on this. You are reviewing the product. As long as it is honest and reflects your true feelings about the actual product, then what does it matter where you got it from? If, however, where you got it from, and how much you did or didn't pay for it, effects your review, then don't write it.

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